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Are you facing storage issues? Are you looking to de-clutter your home or office?

Welcome to Bookmystorage. Your first choice when it comes to 'state of the art' logistics and warehousing solutions. BookMyStorage is a web based, e-fulfillment platform, which offers you advanced physical storage solutions coupled with innovative warehousing and superior inventory management.

Let's face it. Life in our metropolitan cities is almost devoid of space. Living and working spaces are usually small and cluttered with personal and office stuff. This 'clutter' is usually made up of important items and belongings. Over-stuffed living spaces are a natural by product of the urban lifestyle and we all know the inconvenience of living in cramped shoe-box apartments and pigeon-hole flats. Almost everyone, at some time, has felt the acute need for an effective solution for their physical storage issues. Even if a person finds a place to store away important items, one still faces the issue of the safety of his belongings and not to forget - the effort and hassle involved in transportation of the items to and fro. As one of the pioneers of this field in India, Bookmystorage offers professional end-to-end solutions for all your storage woes.

Powered by highly advanced logistics technology, Bookmystorage helps you to effectively de-clutter your living space or office by providing you unique and innovative storage solutions customized to your particular need. The process is designed to be quick and hassle-free. All you need to do is sign up with bookmystorage.com, choose the storage option that best suits your need, submit details of the stuff you are storing and send it away to safe storage. Whether you require space to store a single box or an inventory spanning over hundreds of sq ft, we have the perfect solution for you. Once your request is proccessed, trained personal will promptly arrive, photo-catalogue the items for inventory and transport them to our secure warehouse. Bookmystorage can also help you with effective packing for your items, to avoid any kind of damage during storage. You can leave the heavy moving and lifting to our trained personel who will also handle your delicate and fragile items like wall-mounted TVs with impeccable responsibility.

How secure are the items?
Bookmystorage warehousing facility is a 'state of the art' installation that is off limits to public. Equipped with advanced fire suppression systems and customized tracking, the facility is climate resistant and under non-stop camera surveillance. It is also monitored 24/7 by security personel. Your belonging are safer here than they are back home.

Is it expensive?
Standing apart in an industry that charges by the sq foot, the innovative pricing structure at Bookmystaorage allows you to pay as per your use and nothing more. If all your stuff fits into a couple of boxes, then you are expected to pay only for the storage of those two boxes. Our cutting edge storage technology allows for optimum use of space, thereby allowing us to offer the lowest rates.

What can I store?
Anything you could legally keep back home, you can safely assign for storage with us. From important documents and furniture to electronic or medical equipment and more. Bookmystorage offers secure storage for almost everything you own. Each of your items are photo-catalogued for indexed access and tracking purposes. Your items are not just safely stored, they are cared for too.

How do I get my stuff back?
Bookmystorage's Omni channel e-fulfilment center ensures that users can have stuff picked up or dropped off within a 24-hour window. You will at all times have access to the photographic catalogue of the items you have stored with us. Select the items you want returned and Bookmystorage will have them delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours. Simple as that! Bookmystorage services can also be availed when you are relocating to a new venue or simply renovating your home.

Why Bookmystorage?
We guarantee a seamless chain of custody of your items and a highly efficient order fulfillment experience, backed by superior technology, that offers you access to real time order tracking and inventory data. Customized records and secure storage management solutions take away your need to worry. reduces costs and is easily accessible. Bookmystorage functions with an open approach policy and does not impose long term commitment expectation on the user and niether do we place limits on the size of your order. The smallest and the biggest orders are undertaken with the same dedication and efficiency that is our trademark service.

We love what we do
Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and we guarantee you 100% accuracy in order proccessing, secure storage and safe delivery of your important items. The whole process can be initiated from your end with just a few clicks and professional assistance will take over within 24 hours. Bookmystorage encompasses the whole operation of pick-up and storage to delivery, from and back, to your doorstep in a highly efficient and time-bound manner.

www.bookmystorage.com It's time to de-clutter your home and office and reclaim your living space. Safely store away the things that you do not use and know that you can order them back conveniently within 24 hours. Allow us to help you organise, pack and move the clutter out of your house, with the least effort from your side. Know that your items are safer than they were at home. Enjoy the ambience of a clutter-free home and let Bookmystorage do what it does best. Log on to www.bookmystorage.com today. Redefine your living space and your life style.


As in any business - growth brings challenges. As our country moves towards prosperity, an increasing number of businesses, including retailers and wholesalers are recognising an acute need to improve and expand their warehouse networks. The reasons for this range from, wanting to locate products closer to customers, to storing away excess or seasonal products, or for better order fulfilment experience. This strategic shift in the industry requires businesses to seek new and better facilities in the field of logistics and warehousing.

On demand dynamic warehousing
The on demand, dynamic warehousing model at Bookmystorage, coupled with superior logistic technology, offers innovative storage solutions for businesses, eliminating the need to build or buy. Bookmystorage represents advanced logistic solutions and cutting edge storage technology in motion, offering the ease of operating in real time. A highly appreciated 'pay-as-use' model ensures that the client pays only for the space they use and the duration they use it for. Whether the space required is just for a few boxes or for an inventory spanning a few hundred sq ft, Bookmystorage offers you the perfect solution. There are no long term commitment expectations or a minimum order requirement limit in regard to the space used. The storage capacity retained can be increased quickly without sticky long-term contracts and service fees. We offer cost effective dynamic storage solutions to new start up businesses who in their early stages, face an uncertain future, helping keep the distribution network flexible while ready to make adjustments at short notice.

Advanced logistics
With the right automation, there's no limit to what an efficient intralogistics operation can do for a business. On-demand warehousing is in because it is highly economical, it can be promptly deployed and it is on-line. Bookmystorage is an indispensable link in the supply and distribution chain, minimizing the loss of sales for several companies. The use of on-demand storage helps businesses free up much needed space in their distribution centers and wholesale outlets. Having additional space available at a fulfilment or distribution center greatly optimizes packing and shipping efficiency, thereby helping deliver on customer promise. With real time operating coverage, Bookmystorage supports supply chain networks during peak seasons while providing proactive solutions to avoid disruptions like inventory delays, capacity limits and pipeline restraints. The power of on-demand warehousing is in the freedom and flexibility it offers. It is the most effective way to quickly address temporary overflow problems and helping companies offer swift delivery to their customers.

Real time operational status on Bookmystorage App
The specially designed Bookmystorage app allows for seamless integration of companies to warehouse and distribution centers, thereby maximizing cost savings. The App completely eliminates the need for manual tracking of items while enabling swift order assembly with minimum labor involved. This allows a business to effectively gain visibility, monitor labor productivity and access real time operational status, all at the ease of a few taps. Our highly integrated logistics system assures 100% order accuracy backed by professional efficiency and door to door express delivery system. Bookmystorage is constantly evolving and enhancing it's operations, pioneering policies and practices, based on commercial regulations and international standards of excellence in service.

The Storage
Our warehousing facility is a 'state of the art' installation that is off limits to public. Equipped with advanced fire suppression systems and non-stop camera surveillance, it is monitored 24/7 by security personnel. The facility is also climate resistant and allows customized monitoring of the storage. Bookmystorage employs dedicated and experienced logistics professionals who understand that their success depends on customer satisfaction.

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Bookmystorage is undoubtedly the prime choice when it comes to superior warehousing and logistics management. Allow our dedicated professional team to help you streamline your company's warehousing, supply chain and distribution process by offering you the best of our services, hub to hub, door to door. Let Bookmystorage be your implementation partner, because that's what we do.