Frequently Asked Questions:

How does this work?
BookMyStorage has built a marketplace of more than 400 warehouses in India to connect companies who need additional warehouse capacity to those who have it. BookMyStorage has been referred to as the OLA for warehousing. Our warehouse partners list their warehouse space within the BMS marketplace, making it available to companies like yours who need warehouse space. The BMS software platform matches shippers with warehouses and helps both manage inventory, dropoffs, pickups, etc.
Are there minimum requirements to utilize a BMS facility?
Yes, we have a 1 pallet, 30 day minimum.
What does the handling fee include?
The handling fee covers the warehouse’s handling of goods when they arrive and leave a facility. This fee is paid up front on a per pallet basis.
How can I be sure my goods will be safe inside BMS partner warehouses?
All of our warehouse partners are extensively vetted to ensure that their facilities and teams meet our quality standards before their space is made available within the BMS marketplace.
How do you handle liability for the goods that are stored through the BMS marketplace?
Each of our warehouse partners assumes liability for any damage that they cause to the goods that they store, or for damage caused due to their negligence. The owners of the goods stored maintain coverage for any damage that is caused due to Acts of God/Acts of Nature.
How would a claim be handled if the facility were to damage one or several of my pallets?
The BMS operations team will initiate the process to investigate any claims that may arise regarding damage to goods.
How is inventory tracked? What happens if there is a discrepancy in the pallet count between the goods owner and the warehouse?
Every pallet is assigned a unique pallet ID at the point a new order for storage is created in our system. When pallets are delivered to the warehouse, the warehouse operator uses these IDs to verify that what they receive matches the order reservation prior to putting the pallets away. If there is any discrepancy, the BMS operations team will troubleshoot and fix the problem.
Are the prices listed on this page accurate?
We do our best to ensure that pricing is as up to date and accurate as possible; however, the pricing listed is subject to change based on current warehouse capacity.
Can I have access to my pallets at the warehouse?
Due to liability and security of the warehouse facility, physical access to a warehouse facility is not permitted in any case.
Do you provide transportation services to or from your warehouse locations?
As a general rule, transportation is to be set up by the owner/depositor of the goods. If you need transportation assistance, our partners are available to help you.
How do I get started?
Click the “Check Availability” button or call us at 02260605678
What if my product is floor loaded?
On a warehouse by warehouse basis, this can be quoted based on a variety of factors including carton count, pallet configuration, volume of containers, etc. If you have further questions about pricing, call 02260605678