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GST will increase productivity and efficiency

What changes will GST bring in to your sector?

The introduction of GST will incentivise the logistics sector in India. It is expected to act as the secondary factor that will build upon the primary foundation of a good infrastructure and faster adoption of technology in the sector. Implementation of GST would increase productivity and raise efficiency levels in the logistics sector and the economy as a whole. According to various industry estimates, freight times will come down by 30-40 per cent and logistics costs are expected to reduce by 20-30 per cent post GST. It will not only invite more investments and capital, but also ensure better implementation of investments and more access to better technologies.

How will the government's end-to-end delivery model, via a JV between Railways and DMIC, disrupt this space?

It will not disrupt the market. It is impossible for one company to cater to the entire logistics space, especially a market as big as ours. It is actu

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